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25 Facts About Chelly…..


Hello Lovely People!!!. Hope you guys are having a fabulous week! I wanted this blog post to be a real chill read and not as intense as the previous ones lol. Turning 25 this year has been an absolute joy.  I am getting to know and invest in myself on a different level. I am understanding and making aware of my strength and weaknesses. And, I’m officially a grown ass woman now and it’s time to step my game up lol. Years before, it was hard for me to fully understand who I was. For example, when people would ask me or when I go to interviews and I get asked, “Tell me about yourself?” I draw into a complete blank and wouldn’t know what to say lol. Now, I am very much comfortable to share and tell others with full confidence who I truly am. So to get to know me alittle better, here are some fun and yet interesting facts about your girl…..

  1. The Meaning of My Middle name (Ama Somuah): So my parents are from Ghana, Africa. When you are born on a certain week day in Ghana, you are given a “day name”(ex: Males born on Sunday= Kwasi; Females born on Monday= Adjoa). Since I was born on a Saturday, the name given to me is Ama. Lastly, I was named after my god-father and that is why my middle name is Somuah . (It’s from the Akan area, Kwahu)
  2. Born and Raised….I was born in Brooklyn, NY (Coney Island) and my family and I moved to Columbus, OH in 2001. No matter what, NY will forever be home. **Side Note: I went to Ghana in 1997 and lived there for 2 years with my little brother. My parents wanted us to learn and embrace our African heritage.** 
  3. My favorite color: I love the color lavender!
  4. I have 2 siblings (2 brothers). I am the only girl and middle child.
  5. I love to travel. My goal is to visit all the states on the U.S. map lol. I think I have been and visited maybe 12 states so far. I have visited some places in the UK and of course I have visited Africa (Ghana) almost 3 times. Still have more places to go visit!
  6. I love going to concerts by myself. I usually buy tickets whenever my favorite artists are performing in a city close by. I have a blast by myself for some reason; just me, the music, and the vibe.
  7.  I love interacting with people. I might be a bit shy and awkward at times but I just love talking and interacting with people. All my friends tell me I am a social bird and I like to draw people into conversations a lot which is true. Probably the main reason why I went back to working for Chick-fila.
  8. I am a very dingy (clumsy) person lol. This means, I forget easily and I make a lot of silly choices sometimes. I literally drop, trip, and bump into anything. I’ve been clumsy ever since I was a baby lol.
  9. I am probably the biggest procrastinator on this planet! (Please don’t judge lol) 
  10. I get really annoyed easily (I am working on that….trust the process right??!! lol)
  11. I forget about ALOT of things lol  In order for me to be organized, I have to make sure I write anything down in a planner or sticky note because I might forget.
  12. Music is my life: There’s not a day where I don’t listen to music. (Kendrick Lamar, Travis Greene, Tasha Cobbs, and Joe Mettle, SZA, Chance the Rapper, Solange, Tarrus Riley, Jah Cure, Lauryn Hill, are my favorite artists OF ALL TIME I have all their’s song’s on repeat everyday, LITERALLY! lol)
  13. My Three favorite songs of all times “Every fall’s in love sometimes” by Tonto Metro and Devonte, ” Turn your lights down low by Bob Marley ft Lauryn Hill, and “Ama Be Happy” by ArchDuke. These three songs always put me in a good mood no matter what!
  14. I have a BIG phobia of needles. I hate looking, seeing, and touching needles. When I was in nursing school, I use to think to myself “why the hell am I majoring in nursing and I am scared of needles” lol CRAZY RIGHT??!!.
  15. I wear glasses/contacts I was hit with a wooden baseball bat when I was in kindergarten that’s why I can’t really see.
  16. My favorite tv show(s) is The Martin Show, The Jamie Foxx show, Scandal, Fresh Prince, Full House, and Sister Sister. These are the only shows I can watch on tv lol
  17. My favorite movie(s) is Coming to America, Friday, John Q, Colombiana, Best Man, and Best Man Holiday ( I know most of the lines to these movies lol)
  18. I have an undergraduate degree: I earned a Bachelor’s of science degree in Psychology in dreams of becoming an Occupational Therapist. I studied nursing (freshman sophomore year) and I HATED ITI hated it so bad that I failed every single one of my nursing classes. It just wasn’t for me and it was hard as hell lol.
  19.  I’m quite when I am pissed. My facial expression usually gives it away when I am extremely upset.
  20.  I don’t always speak my mind. This is something I have struggle for years. I am still working on how to expressing more of my feelings and thoughts. 
  21. I’m most happiest whenever….I feel the presence of God, when I am around my loved ones, my niece and nephews, listening to music, traveling, writing, going to concerts, and singing.
  22. I found my singing voice in churchI was in my church’s children’s choir from the ages of 12-17.
  23.  I don’t like wearing weave in my hair. 
  24. MY BIGGEST PET PEEVE: I don’t like when people whistle. I can’t stand the sound of it.
  25. My favorite book: “I know why the cage bird sings” by the late Maya Angelou.

     ****Bonus****I don’t like Sallie Mae with a passion!!!!! LOL (They keep asking me to pay back money I barely even have lol)


Once again, thank you guys so much for all the love, support, encouragement! It really means a lot and I am glad you guys are joining me on this journey. As always…..

Stay blessed and love always,

ChellyAmma xoxo


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