My thoughts

Finally Finding My Voice

chelly3Hello lovely people! My name is Michelle Acheampong and welcome to my first blog post! I’ve always wanted to start my own blog but, I was always shy and felt uncomfortable sharing my thoughts and feelings with others. I’ve never been the one to step out of my comfort zone. Now, I felt the time was only right for my voice to be heard through writing. I want to share with you all a bit about myself, life experiences, and so much more. I have battled with anxiety and depression for a while and I wanted to share ways I have overcome it.  I most definitely will be sharing things that I didn’t think I would have ever want to share but I sureeeeeee will lol. For so long, I have been so quiet and mute that I didn’t want to tell anyone about myself in the most honest and truthful way. So I believe this would be a good place to vent and share with others because you just never know who could relate to what you are going through or even feeling. I know for sure I will not be afraid to share anything because I want to be as raw, transparent, and honest as possible. I would love for everyone to join this journey with me as I share my world with you all. Not only will I be sharing about my thoughts, I will be sharing things such as my weight loss/fitness journey, hair, travel, music, and many more. Feel free to comment and leave feedback!

Stay blessed and Love always,

Chelly xoxo

*** I would like to dedicate my first blog to my beautiful queens who have pushed, inspired, and encouraged me through the process of my self discovery. May God bless you Cynthia Amoah (City), Pamela Somuah, Lesly Boateng, Anna Maria Asiedu, and my beautiful mother Felicia Acheampong** xoxo


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